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Your Initial Consulation

What to Expect at Your Consultation

We are no longer able to offer a free consultation to new clients.  Instead, we charge a $100 fee for a 30 minute consultation.  Our goal is for this consultation to be very informative and help you 

  1. How Georgia Law applies to your situation, and how we will work with you to resolve your legal issue.
  2. How much it will cost to get started with your legal representation, and an estimated total cost of your legal fees.  Because we can not always predict how involved your case will be (will it go to trial?  will the other spouse or prosecutor be reasonable and ready to make a deal?) we can not always give you a locked down total cost, but we will help you understand what makes your legal bill go up, and how we can keep your representation as cost effective as possible.
  3. You will get a chance to have any questions answered about the process and what to expect.

What you will not get is a hard sell presentation or any pressure.  We want you to understand your options and make a decision on your own schedule.

If you chose to hire us to represent you, the $100 fee for the consultation is credited toward your services.

To schedule your consultation, call 770-425-3373 or contact us through our email form.

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We have three options for the first meeting with a member of Hobson & Hobson, click here to read about how to take the first step.

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