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Child Custody Lawyer for Cherokee County - Law Office in Canton

The child custody lawyers at Hosbon & Hobson are ready to help you resolve your child custody issue. We handle child custody arrangements through the divorce process as well as child custody modification and enforcement issues. Our attorneys will develop a customized plan based on your unique circumstances to ensure the best possible result for you and your children.

The Rarity of “Sole Custody” and Reality of Shared Custody

It's relatively common to have some animosity in a divorce, and one parent may have the want to "take the kids away" from the other parent. The reality is, with the exception of extreme circumstances where there is physical abuse or chronic, continued chemical abuse, the courts will typically look to have both parents play a role in the lives of the children.

It's important that you can count on your child custody lawyer to set a reasonable expectation for results that they can accomplish. Do not fall prey to lawyers who talk a big game and make promises that they can not keep. The lawyers at Hobson & Hobson's results speak for themselves; we encourage you to read our past reviews from our many satisfied clients.

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