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Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment to You

Working with Hobson & Hobson

We understand that hiring a lawyer is a difficult decision. Whether you are about to go through a divorce or other family law issue, the lawyer you choose can have a huge impact on how your case turns out. At Hobson & Hobson, we want you to be comfortable with your entire process, from the initial consultation through the closing of your case. In addition to sound legal advice and execution, you can count on stellar service and communication from us and our entire staff. If you have questions about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

When you work with the attorneys at Hobson & Hobson, you can count on:

  1. An Initial Consultation that’s Actually Helpful
    At your initial consultation you'll meet with one of our professionals who can help you understand the process ahead of you. We are not high-pressure sales people. We listen to you so we understand what it is at stake for you, and then help you understand how we can achieve your goals. Whether you choose to hire us or not, you’ll have a better understanding of how Georgia law applies to your situation and your options for moving forward.
  2. Value - We Know You Are Concerned About Cost. Payment Plans Are Available
    Hiring a lawyer is expensive, there’s no way around it. However, the costs of NOT hiring a lawyer can end up being much higher. We aim to provide the best value possible for each of our clients and make sure that you understand how much you are paying and why. We also understand that the full cost of your legal fees may cause a great financial strain, which is why we offer payment plans which can be managed through the client access section of our case management software.
  3. Communication & Documentation
    In addition to managing payments, you will also be given access to all documents, communications and updates to your case, quickly and easily through the case management software. You will always know what is happening with your case and what’s coming next. We want you to feel as well informed and in control of your case as possible. We remain available through phone, email and in-person meetings to ensure that you feel comfortable with the direction of your case.
  4. Dedicated Service & Legal Expertise
    We take on a limited number of clients to ensure our focused attention throughout your legal process. You are not just a case number of client file to us. We are thankful for the opportunity to have had a positive impact on clients we have worked with in the past, and look forward to doing the same for our future clients. It is our personal mission to do everything we can to ensure that we can put your legal issues behind you and get you moving on with your day to day life as soon as possible.

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If you are facing a family law situation in the greater Atlanta Metro Area the experienced attorneys at Hobson & Hobson stand ready to help.  We will help you understand how Georgia family law applies to your unique situation and give you options for moving forward.