Marietta, GA Child Custody Lawyer

Your First Meeting

Options for Consultation

At Hobson & Hobson we have custom tailored an on-boarding process for prospective clients that focuses on the client’s goals and values.  Our solutions driven approach allows us to analyze the following when you attend your case evaluation:

  1. What problem brought you into the firm;
  2. How that problem is affecting your time, money and reputation;
  3. Development of a plan to solve the problem while focusing on your goals and values.

We understand that all cases do not fit into the same box.  Prospective clients come from all different walks of life.  As such, we have three options from which you can choose to start your path to a brighter future.

  1. $100 30-minute consult with the Director of Client Engagement – This is an in-person case evaluation that takes place at the office of Hobson & Hobson. To read more about the consultation, click here.
  2. $350.00 1-Hour Strategy Meeting with Senior Associate – This is a valuable legal strategy meeting tailored for cases that involve complicated legal matters and demand more attention to detail.
  3. Concierge Services – For professionals that value time, we provide an option of us coming to you.  For $700.00 a senior associate will travel to your office and have a one-hour strategy meeting at your location.


Ready to get started?

We have three options for the first meeting with a member of Hobson & Hobson, click here to read about how to take the first step.