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Fathers’ Rights and Name Changes

Changing Your Child’s Last Name

At Hobson & Hobson, we help fathers play a meaningful role in the lives of their children.  We understand that a child born out of wedlock comes with challenges; with our experience and legal guidance, we help fathers work through those challenges, toward the best possible outcome. 

Changing your name as an adult is a relatively straightforward process.  However, a name change can be a point of conflict, especially if the child’s other parent is essentially having their name erased.  The Father can petition to have the child’s name changed during the legitimation process without the consent of the mother.  The court will typically look at how long the child has had the previous name, and what sort of an impact changing the name would have.

Focused Legal Strategy for Fathers Rights Cases

While we understand that carrying on a name is an important piece of the parent and child relationship, it’s also very important to understand that name changes can be difficult to obtain, especially when the other parent is opposed to changing the name.  Name changes also have very little bearing on your actual relationship with the child, here are a few things we look to pursue before a name change:

  • Legitimation:  Often clients will confuse a name change with the legitimation process.  Legitimation is what gives the father legal rights and establishes the parent-child relationship. 
  • Child Custody: Having a custody arrangement is what allows you to spend time with your child. 
  • Child Support: Having a child support agreement in place protects both parties and ensures the financial security of your child.

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If you are working towards getting your child’s name changed, or facing other issues in a contested custody situation, our lawyers can help you find the best solution.  We will carefully review your situation and help you understand how Georgia family law applies.  Then, we’ll lay out an action plan so you understand what needs to be done, and how our experienced attorneys can help.

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