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Infidelity & Divorcing a Cheating Spouse How to Move Forward When You Find Out Your Spouse is Unfaithful

Financial issues always seem to top the list of “reasons people get divorced” but the reality is, a lot of marriages are destroyed by one or both spouses being unfaithful. If you have found out your spouse is cheating, sneaking around, or just to be perfectly blunt about it, having sex with other people, you may not know what to do. Perhaps you’ve already confronted them and had a big fight, or maybe you are quietly looking at options for pursuing a divorce. In either case, let the experienced divorce attorneys at Hobson & Hobson serve as your trusted ally through the process.

“I’ve Heard That Cheating Makes NO Difference In a Divorce” -- Wrong!!

When we talk to clients for the first time, many of them have spoken with friends or relatives about their situation and received “advice” from other people who have been through a divorce. They may have spoken to someone in another state, or someone who got divorced 20 years ago and now they think they know exactly how their divorce will go. While it’s true that in many states the actual reason for your divorce does not have any impact on the terms of your divorce, in Georgia, it can have a major financial impact.

If you can prove that your divorce was caused by your spouse’s infidelity, they may not eligible for alimony. Please do not interpret this to mean that “if they cheated on you, you don’t have to pay” because it’s much more complex than that. The general suggestion we’d make to anyone who is looking at a divorce due to infidelity is to talk to keep quiet and talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. We can explain to you how Georgia law would apply to your specific situation and give you options for moving forward.

Keeping Divorces Involving Cheating as Private as Possible

If you are going to try to prove that your spouse was cheating, you will need a private detective to gather evidence for you. If you hire a private detective on your own, the evidence that is produced will be “discoverable” meaning it will eventually become part of the public record. However, if the law firm hires a private detective on your behalf, it’s possible to keep whatever evidence that was gathered out of the public eye.

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