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Alimony, Child Support & Financial Issues

Outside of child custody, financial issues tend to be the largest source of conflict in a divorce. The Georgia family law courts have laid out clear standards for how child support is calculated, but alimony (commonly referred to as 'spousal support') is dependent on a number of factors. Whether you are concerned about having access to a fair amount of finances, or protecting your income from your ex-spouse, we will work with you towards the best possible outcome available under Georgia's family laws.

About Alimony:

In Georgia, alimony/spousal support/maintenance is granted based on one spouse's need and another's ability to pay. In the initial establishment of alimony, the court considers:

  • Standard of living
  • Each party's income and financial status
  • Future earning capabilities
  • Separate assets
  • Noneconomic marriage contributions (child care, homemaking, career building)

It is worth noting that alimony can be modified if it can be established that there is a substantial change in circumstances warranting a modification of support.

About Child Support:

For child support, Georgia has child support guidelines that take into account both parties' gross monthly income with other factors that bring it up or down. This calculation is generally more straightforward than determination of alimony.

To modify child support, a parent must demonstrate substantial change in either parent's income and financial status (or in the child's financial needs) since the original child support order was entered.

Marietta Child/Spousal Support Attorney

Lawyer Christopher Hobson possesses a comprehensive knowledge of all of these issues, and is ready to fuse it with a dedication to your unique circumstances. It is our goal to help you orchestrate an ideal outcome that serves your family's long-term needs. We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.

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