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Are you a father of a child born out of wedlock? It is important to know your rights. First, a father has no legal custody or visitation rights to his minor child until he files for a Petition for Legitimation and receives an Order Legitimating the minor child. When filing a Petition for Legitimation, the court will establish the following:

  • Legitimation: which establishes your legal rights to the minor child and enables the child to inherit from you;
  • Child Custody: The court will establish the legal and physical custody rights of the Father;
  • Child Support: The court reviews both parent's gross monthly income, and other applicable expenses, to determine the presumptive amount of child support.
  • Name Change: If the minor child does not have the paternal last name, the Father has the option to request the Court change the child's last name in the Final Legitimation Order.

Ever feel like you are a pawn in the Mother's game of chess? Unfortunately, a father to a child born out of wedlock has no custody/visitation rights, or any say regarding important decisions made on the child's behalf. The importance of legitimation is (for a father) as important as a mother who seeks paternity action to obtain child support.

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In the case of a divorce, it is also important for a father to exert his rights in order to obtain custody and visitation rights. Father should maintain stability in their child's lives by being a strong presence in the child's daily lives. That said, a Father should not give in and simply leave the home based on their spouse's demands. Both Mother and Father have a right to remain in the marital residence with the minor children until Order to vacate by the court.

A Father seeking primary physical custody of their minor children is not an easy task. Georgia law provides that custody shall be determined based on the "best interest of the child(ren);" however, Father's seeking custody during a divorce typically feel they are tasked with proving the Mother is unfit.

Whether seeking primary custody, or securing your custodial rights, all of these actions require comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in order to achieve the best possible outcome. A skilled lawyer can provide precisely that knowledge.

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If you are a father working through a family law issue and want to understand your options under Georgia family law, call our office at 770-425-3373 or email us today for an initial consultation.

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