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Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer (Part 1)

Four Reasons why it’s critical to have an Experienced Divorce Lawyer on Your Side.

With a rise in do-it-yourself solutions for people facing a divorce, more and more couples who are facing a divorce are asking themselves questions like “do I really need a divorce lawyer?” or “how can a divorce lawyer help me?”. 

At Hobson & Hobson in Marietta Georgia, we work with a variety of clients throughout the Marietta and Atlanta areas helping them through their unique divorce process.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, rather we custom tailor a plan specific to your situation and needs.  We look forward to helping you work through the divorce process to the best possible outcome for your family.  Our primary goal is to secure your family’s well-being, finances and future.   Here are just a few of the reasons we believe it’s important to have a divorce lawyer on your side:

  1. Expert Advice

    If you were climbing Mt. Everest, you’d likely go with a sherpa.  On vacation in New York City you would probably hire a cab instead of trying to navigate the busy streets on your own.  There are millions of examples of how we rely on someone with meaningful experience, especially when we are up against a difficult task with a lot of unknowns.   Facing a divorce is no different; you very likely have never worked your way through the divorce process before.  The stakes around your divorce are simply too high to allow it to be a “learning experience”.  Trust an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that you can work through the challenges of a divorce and arrive at the best possible outcome for you and your family.
  2. Avoid Common Mistakes

    Do you understand the nuances between marital and non-marital property?  What about assets that have changed in value during the duration of the marriage?  How do you take retirement accounts or items with sentimental value and split them 50/50?  What about outstanding debt?  A mortgage?  Tax liability?  The fact is, there are a lot of complex issues that can arise even from a “simple” divorce.  Having an attorney on your side who has been through the process several times puts you in a much better position.  The most minor oversight or omission could result in fairly large financial loss for you (or gain for your ex-spouse).  Don’t make a mistake that could cost you money and peace of mind for years to come. 
  3. Reduce Stress

    Very few people make it through the divorce process without feeling some stress.  It’s a major life change and involves your finances, where you live, the car you drive and the mental and emotional health of your children.  It’s very normal to feel stress during a divorce.  However, there is no reason to be stressed about missing a deadline or filing incorrect paperwork.  When you have an experienced divorce attorney on your side, you can let go of the worries tied to procedural issues and focus on making sure that you and your children get through the divorce process as easily and stress-free as possible.
  4. Keeping on an Appropriate Timeline

    Some divorces take as little as a few months, while others can drag on for years.  There are a lot of different variables that can effect how long your divorce takes, but not being familiar with the divorce process should not be one of them.  Working with the divorce lawyers at Hobson & Hobson helps ensure that every step of your divorce stays on schedule and the process continues moving forward as appropriate.   

In our follow up article, we will discuss four more reasons why it’s important to have a family law attorney protecting your interests through the divorce process, including: 

  1. Ensuring your divorce agreement is Binding
  2. Understanding Your Rights
  3. Help Both Parents Maintain a Role in their Children’s’ lives
  4. Correcting Mistakes from a Divorce Decree is Difficult

If you have questions about how the attorneys at Hobson & Hobson can help you work through your family law issues to the best possible outcome for you and your children, contact us today.

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